The Fastest, Easiest Braille Assessment

Too often, teachers for the blind are faced with a problem: they need to assess their legally blind students to determine what services they need. However, the braille assessments that exist are cumbersome, biased, unreliable, or expensive. Fortunately, there is a solution that solves all of these issues.

As we previously reported, the current issue of the Journal of Blindness Innovation and Research (JBIR) features a report showcasing the rationale, development, testing, and validation of the National Reading Media Assessment. As the report says:

“One of the major impetuses for the creation of the NRMA was the concern by a number of practicing teachers that existing assessments were too lengthy, cumbersome, time consuming, and difficult to score and interpret.”

To demonstrate just how easy the tool is for a teacher of blind students to use, just look at how much time is required for each section of the braille assessment.

Pie chart: Parent, 14 min; Student, 12 min; Classroom, 13 min; TVI, 25 min
On average…

  • the Parent Observation form took 14 minutes,
  • the Student Interview took 12 minutes,
  • the Classroom Teacher form required 13 minutes, and
  • the TVI Assessment Questionnaire required 25 minutes.

This means that the entire assessment took an average of one hour and four minutes to complete.

When you’re ready to begin your next student’s assessment using this tool that has proven to be easy, standardized, and reliable, request your free account at

What has been your experience with other assessment tools? How long did the NRMA take you to complete?

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Corbb O'Connor
Corbb, a blind entrepreneur, coordinates the outreach and marketing efforts for the Institute on Blindness at Louisiana Tech University as an independent consultant.

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