Learn the Basics of Teaching Blind Students this Summer or Fall

Louisiana Tech University, headquartered in north-central Louisiana, will offer courses for those who want to teach blind students and begin a master’s degree in teaching.

Summer 2014 (1st summer session) (6/4/14 – 7/9/14)

EDCI 584/Orientation & Mobility Teachers of Blind Students

Offered as a hybrid course (four weeks will be online; one week will be face-to-face). The in-person training will be held at the Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired in Baton Rouge, LA for cane travel instruction and immersion training. The face-to-face training week will be Monday, June 23 – Friday, June 27.

This course teaches the basics of efficient, independent and non-visual travel; early movement for young blind/visually impaired children; travel for children with visual impairments with and without additional disabilities; and contemporary philosophical issues.

Summer 2014 (2nd summer session) (7/14/14 – 8/15/14)

EDCI 583/Normal and Impaired Visual Functioning

Offered as an online course (no campus visits are required). Students will learn about basic eye anatomy, how vision works, common eye disorders and associated conditions, functional vision evaluations, learning media assessments, low vision assessments, eye reports, low vision devices, and implications and intervention strategies for children and adults who are blind/visually impaired.

Fall 2014 (9/4/14 – 11/13/14)

EDCI 436 Braille I/UEB

Offered as an online course with scheduled, weekly class meetings via the free Group Skype video-conferencing platform (no campus visits are required.)
Students develop proficiency in reading and writing the Unified English Braille code using the slate & stylus and the Perkins braillewriter.

EDCI 581/Visually Impaired Child in the PK-12 Classroom

Offered as an online course (no campus visits are required). This overview course addresses the foundations of the education of blind/visually impaired children with and without additional disabilities. Educators will learn efficient practices relating to the continuum of educational placement options for blind/visually impaired children, as well as the history and future trends of the field.

For more information

To discuss the next, right step for you in your career, please contact Instructor Laura Bostick, MAEd, NCLB at (318) 257-4554 or lbostick@latech.edu.

See you in class!

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Laura Bostick, NCLB

Laura Bostick, NCLB

A former biomedical engineer for NASA, Laura is an instructor and researcher at the Institute on Blindness at Louisiana Tech University. She is a certified teacher of K-12 special education, and is interested in improving all aspects of education of children who are blind or have exceptional needs.

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