Looking Back on 2013

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As we prepare to head out for the holidays, we’re celebrating the achievements that our students, instructors, and you—our readers—have made for the education of blind students and adults this year.

We know that blind students—regardless of how much residual vision they have—need to learn to read. We’ve made that known to state legislatures, classrooms, and community events. Jerry Whittle showed us that anybody can learn braille in six months, and Krystal Guillory developed a fun way to encourage her students to read more. We even learned that becoming certified in literary braille could mean extra vacation days for some state employees!

Correcting the braille literacy crisis in America is about more than learning the braille code. Dozens of teachers came to Ruston for a weekend of professional development, networking, and exploration (and even heard a controversial idea over lunch!).

We actively participated in other conferences this year, demonstrating structured discovery at AER International’s O&M conference and encouraging expanded literacy for blind students at the Getting in Touch with Literacy Conference.

As we prepare for the full adoption of Unified English Braille (UEB), we will continue to bring you new ideas, the latest news, and innovative research. We’ll continue to invite you to partner with us and contribute to the conversations on our blog. We wish you a Merry Christmas, prosperous New Year, and a well-deserved few days of relaxation!

Photo by George, on Flickr.

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Corbb O'Connor
Corbb, a blind entrepreneur, coordinates the outreach and marketing efforts for the Institute on Blindness at Louisiana Tech University as an independent consultant.

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