Fun Sheets

Sometimes, children with low vision or sighted peers enjoy FUN activities and/or games that include ‘print’ Braille.  Here are several printable Fun Sheets followed by directions to create ‘print’ Braille games or folder lessons. 

Some parents/teachers may wish to alter these printable Fun Sheets to create individualized instruction for a specific child or group of students.  Click here to make a small donation to the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children and receive an electronic copy of these Fun Sheets in Microsoft Word 2007.  Or, mail your donation & email address to:

Braille Activities for Children (PDF - 51 pages)

Braille Coloring Pages (PDF- 27 pages)

Braille Dot Coloring (PDF - 28 pages)

Braille Games to Make (PDF - 14 pages)

Braille Numbering (PDF - 28 pages)

Finger Location on the Perkins (PDF - 8 pages)

Introduction to the Slate & Stylus (PDF - 7 pages )

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