Meaningful, rewarding careers in the field of blindness begin here.

If you're passionate about teaching adults or children, we welcome you.

Our award-winning students areā€¦

  • Fluent in braille and serious about teaching it to other blind and visually-impaired people
  • Steadfast about teaching blind people to be independent, contributing members of society
  • Persistent in changing the public's misperceptions of blindness every day

In partnership with one of the world's top-rated training centers for the blind, the Institute on Blindness is training award-winning teachers of the visually-impaired. With a degree from Louisiana Tech University, employers will know that you are a fluent, passionate braille reader and experienced, empowering instructor.

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Our accredited, graduate degrees are practical for teachers at any level

There is a high demand in this country for qualified professionals who work with the blind as cane travel instructors, braille teachers, school administrators, and government officials. This shortage has existed since the 1970s, and is only projected to grow for years to come. Explore what a career in the field of blindness looks like.
Our cutting-edge, objective research goes where others do not

Many researchers believe that blind people are inherently less capable than sighted people. However, there is too much evidence showing that blind people can be just as happy, intelligent, and productive as others in society. Through intervention and comparative studies, our research topics seek to understand what methods, technology, and programs put blind people on a path toward full independence. Discover our latest research reports.

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