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Braille for Children

Child Learning BrailTeaching Braille to very young children can be challenging considering their short attention span.  However, it can be successful!  Here are some helpful ideas to help parents and teachers make learning Braille a positive experience for young children beginning at age three.  Although this site is targeted towards the very young children it is also helpful for older children who may have cognitive delays.  This site assists with teaching the very basics of pre-Braille and Braille skills.  In addition, this site will help parents who are new to Braille be able to find and/or create activities for their child and will be able to easily assist their child with learning Braille providing the parents have a basic knowledge of Braille themselves.  To get a good foundation of basic Braille, check out BRAILLE MADE EASY THROUGH CLIP ART.  Then, to get started, go to DOT NUMBERS FOR BRAILLE.